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AC/DC is a musical band of Rock born in Australia in the year 1973, with a trajectory of 4 decades, being one of the most legendary groups of the rock scene.

In this section we are going to discuss the entire ACDC Discography Biography as well as present his book acdc.

With more than 25 recorded discs and 200 million copies sold. Its founders were Malcolm Young and Angus Young of Scottish origin. In their early days they had several changes in their formation, until in 1974, they captured singer Bon Scottl, drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Mark Evans. This formation led them to have a great notoriety in the music scene, which resulted in the recording of their first two PL`s, in the year 1975 "TNT", and "High Voltage". Their fame was increasing and they signed a contract with the record label "Atlantic Records", which opens the doors of the United Kingdom with a new Lp`s "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", stamped in 1976. Moved to England, bassist Mark Evans, leaves the band and enters Cliff Williams, with whom they record two new LPs, one in 1977 "Let There Be Rock" and in 1978 "Powerage". His presentations are spectacular and full of unmistakable sound. Both the powerful voice of Bon Scott and the incredible guitar of Angus Young, make them begin to occupy the first positions in the lists. In 1979 "Highway to hell" goes on sale, with which they get several gold discs. But the following year on February 19, 1980, the singer Bon Scott dies, due to an uncontrolled intake of alcohol. It was a great loss of course and AC / DC, had to manage to get a singer who had the charisma and vocal strength of Bon, which was not easy.

acd-tnt acdc-dirty-deeds
acdc-High-Voltage acdc-Let-There-Be-Rock
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Fortunately, they were joined by "Brian Johson", former vocalist of the group Geordie, and with whom they recorded "Back in Black", which would become one of the best-selling albums in the history of music. Its leadership was already evident and any new song, it occupied the first positions in the musical lists of England and the United States. At the beginning of the year 1981, they performed for the first time in Spain, first in Barcelona and two days later in Madrid. At that time his "Campana" was famous, a mass of two tons of weight, which served as a presentation at his concerts. This concert in Madrid was covered by the photojournalist "Carlos Arnillas Expósito", and the event was chronicled with acdc photos still unpublished photos entitled In Memory of Malcolm Young. The essay is a tribute to Malcom after his death on November 18, 2017.

acd-Highway-to-Hell acdc-back-in-black
acdc-Those-About-Rock acdc-Flick-Switch
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At the end of 1981, they publish "For Those About to Rock We Salute You", and the battery Phil Rudd leaves the formation, being replaced by "Simon Wright". In 1983, "Flick of the switch" and "74 Jailbreak" were published in 1984. In those years, personal problems of some, such as some disagreements, cause that the sales do not obtain the successes harvested previously. This is noted with the publication of "Fly on the wall" and "Who made who." It's a downhill stage. In 1987 they publish "Blow up your video", a support album for their world tour in which they fight to prove that everything is as before. Finally in 1990 his new album "The razors Edge", resuscitates the giant, getting to reach the second place in the American charts with his song "Thunderstruck". Anyway their strength and great musical creativity, leads them to create the theme for the film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger "The Last Great Hero". It is clear that they have resurfaced and re-occupy the numbers one in the whole world. In 1992 a live album appears, "AC / DC Live".

acd-Who-Made-Who acdc-Blow-up-your-Video
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acdc-Ballbreaker acdc-Bonfire

Record recording although not as constant as in its principles, but as they have a lot of market share, this allows them to say "live on the income", since, after three years (1995) their next job does not appear " Ballbreaker ", this time again with his old and old drummer Phil Rudd. Until the year 2000, his next work "Stiff upper lip" does not appear, and only a live film made in Paris in 1997. After several years without appearing in the musical environment, they publish in October of 2008 their album "Black Ice", with which they manage to sell 10 million copies But Malcolm, already at that time, is feeling ill and his health is getting worse every time; he is the main component of the group along with his brother Angus, AC / DC no longer has the same musical strength and Malcolm finally retires.

acd-Stiff-upper-Lip acdc-black-ice
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Apparently not everything was written, was to pronounce the last word and therefore recorded his album "Rock or Bust", with the addition of Stevie Young, replacing Malcolm. They did some tour more, of course, but time passes and Brian Johson has to leave because of serious hearing problems. For this occasion, he replaces the singer Axl Rose, from "Gun and Roses". Little by little the Rock and Roll giant disappears. I do not know if it's because of keeping the hope of his fans, but AC / DC announces a new album with a concert included, but whether it's true or not, AC / DC is always present in their fans and will never die, it's one of the great bands of all times and his career is impressive, there are for the enjoyment of all their immortal records and a unique story and hard to match.


1975-T.N.T. 1975-High Voltage 1976-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 1976-High Voltage 1977-Let There Be Rock 1978-If You Want Blood You've Got It 1978-Powerage 1979-Highway to Hell 1980-Back in Black 1981-For Those About to Rock We Salute You 1983-Flick of the Switch 1984-´74 Jailbreak 1985-Fly on the Wall 1986-Who Made Who 1988-Blow up Your Video 1990-The Razor's Edge 1992-Live 1995-Ballbreaker 1997-Let There Be Rock y The Movie - Live in Paris 2000-Stiff Upper Lip 2008-Black ice 2014-Rock or Bust


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